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Swimming Pool Suppliers In Dubai


At Pool Masters, we maintain stock of the complete range of quality pool supplies. With the experience of over 7 years, we are qualified to give you the best advice on the choice of suitable supplies that we offer for your Swimming Pool.


  • Chlorine

    Chlorine is used in pools for its disinfectant properties, it eliminates bacteria and algae. It also oxidizes and destroys chloramines and dust particles present in pool water.

  • Algae Control

    Algaecides are used for algae control and prevention. They kill algae and keep pool water sparkling clear. We sell the most effective Algae Control products for the proper maintenance of pools.

  • Phosphate Remover

    Phosphorus is present in water and algae feed on phosphates. Higher the level of phosphates in the pool water algae control gets less effective and costlier. It is advised to use phosphate remover if phosphate level increases above 1000 ppb.

Specialty Chemicals

  • Water Clarifiers

    Clarifiers are used to remove the cloudiness of water and make it clear.

  • Scale & Stain Removers

    To clean and get rid of stains & blemishes on the pool surfaces scale and stain removers are most effective.

  • Water Balancers

    Water balancers are used to control and maintain water Chemistry within the normal range. Different chemicals used for this purpose are the following.

  • Chlorine

  • Calcium Hardness

  • pH

  • Alkalinity

  • Stabilizer & Conditioner

Pool Maintenance Supplies

A complete range of pool maintenance supplies is available. We are leading Swimming Pool Suppliers in Dubai.

  • Pool cleaning items supplies

  • Backwash and vacuum hoses

  • Replacement filter cartridges

  • Pool & Deck Paint

  • Cleaning attachments

  • Lubricant & Sealants

  • Chlorine Floaters

  • Leaf Rakes & Skimmers

Pool Covers

Pool covers are very useful to maintain and keep the pools clean. We supply all kinds of pool covers.

  • Winter Covers

  • Solar

  • Safety Covers


We maintain stock of all Parts & Spares.

Floats & Games

All types of floats and pool games are also available. For details please contact us we are most trusted Swimming Pool Suppliers in Dubai.