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Swimming Pool Maintenance Service Dubai


Swimming is one of the best aerobics and in this exercise all the organs of the body are involved together, so this is the best world’s exercise that burns the fat faster than any other exercise does. To keep a balanced pool chemistry you have to keep close eye on certain things that are discussed below. Pool Master is a famous name for swimming pool maintenance service Dubai!

pH Value

The pH scale standard for good water in the swimming pool is in between 7.4 to 7.6 and if this rating is lower than seven on the scale then the water turns acidic while any reading above it indicates that water is basic.

The pH value has great significance when it comes to the sanitizer called chlorine. If the pH value is set between 7.4 to 7.6 then chlorine is as its best.

The acidic water is going to devour the pipes and if somebody opens the eyes under water will experience the burning sensation. So when the water goes basic then you will experience that once you come out of the pool you get dry up fast, and may it sounds good to many but it will damage the filter system and hinder chlorine to work effectively.

The Alkalinity takes big hits to maintain pH value or gives the cover to pH value. The Alkalinity should be in between hundred to one hundred and fifty parts per million of Alkalinity. So it can be said that Alkalinity and pH works in symphony with each other.

  • What to do if pH and Alkalinity is Low?

    To maintain the required Alkalinity level one need to add Alkalinity booster which is sodium bicarbonate or known as baking soda. But you need to know how much you need to add the chemical to the pool water and for this you need chemical dosing charts or handbook that you can find on the internet. Do not worry for, if you have Pool Masters as swimming pool maintenance service Dubai! Sodium Bicarbonate is added on the surface of water by simply sprinkling it throughout the swimming pool. Call us for swimming pool maintenance Dubai!

  • Water Treatment

    Pool Master is in pool industry since long and put across all the possible solutions on the basis of requirements for the commercial or residential projects. In case if you observe that your pool turned green and you want the swimming pool contractors for the solutions then Pool Masters is ready to help you out with an appropriate solution. The green color does not mean that the problem is always associated to the green color itself or in simple words that it is not the case of algae always. So the replacement of green water of a swimming pool is possible by Swimming pool water delivery Dubai, but Pool Masters has the solution of water treatment as well in which the firm tests the water first before taking any initiative.

    After testing we will observe the results and do the treatment accordingly by using the relevant chemicals in proper amount. We will remove all the waste by vacuuming the algae build up. The remaining parts of the wastes are flicked with the help of brush. The filters will be kept for the next 24 hours. The chemicals that are used are based on the intensity of the algae and it can be also judged by the colors like teal green, dark green, and black. The amount of chemical is required on the basis of pool size or in simple words the gallons of water available in the pool. The shockers or chemicals are used before brushing the pool. Then pH value of the water is tested and is expected to be in between 7.2 to 7.6 of its pH scale and Alkalinity is checked which is very important to maintain the required standard of the pH scale, so the alkalinity should be in between hundred to hundred and fifty PPM. The pH and alkalinity balanced in water is required to maintain the effectiveness and efficiency of the shockers added into the pool. Adding the shockers will be continued until the water terms limpid and we are famous for our patience because it requires a lot while treating a pool. We are famous for Swimming pool water delivery Dubai!

  • Pool Shock

    Simply it is Chlorine in the powdered form, a granular oxidizer. It is used to remove excess bather waste after heavy use, and visible algae. It kills bacteria present in pool water.