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Swimming Pool Leak Repair


Swimming Pool Leak Troubles

Swimming pool leaks could be very problematic and can cost the pool owners heavily in water bills. These leaks should not be left unrepaired and must be fixed without delays. If left unrepaired these leaks can increase and may aggravate the situation. Water seepage can seriously damage surrounding landscape, buildings and structures. Maintaining a pool could prove very difficult with continuous water leaks. Water wastage will increase the utility bills and the situation could grow a lot worse.

Detection of Swimming Pool Leaks:

Detecting a swimming pool leak can be a very cumbersome, and difficult task. The pool leaks can be detected by employing an ingenious set of skills and techniques. Pool maintenance staff must keep a keen eye on any anomaly which may arise during the course of normal operations of pools. The most common leak types are as follows.

  • Structural Leaks

    These leaks are uncommon but of all, they could more hard to detect and repair. These types of leaks may develop in joints of walls and floors. They can do extensive damage to property and built structures. Landscaping features can get damaged, potholes and pits could develop in the vicinity as well. In gardens Plants and trees could die are whither. Plumbing Leaks Leaks in plumbing lines and fixtures may develop over time. These leaks are relatively easy to detect and repair. Plumbing leaks can develop due to many causes like poor workmanship, improper waterproofing, high pressure, old and loose/damaged plumbing/connections, and blockage of pipelines.

  • Material Leaks

    These leaks may develop in over/above the ground pools. They are usually caused by damage to the material surface of pools. There are a variety of solutions available to repair these leaks. Usually, the base material surface is repaired by applying compatible repair products. The results are very satisfactory and durable.

  • Swimming Pool Leak Repair Services

    We have a team of expert and well-trained staff. Our staff has honed their skills on hundreds of projects. They are capable of detecting and providing long-lasting solutions for all kinds of pool leaks. We provide a complete assessment of the problem areas and potential damage that could be avoided by taking timely corrective action. With highly skilled staff in leak detecting process, our team manages well by using traditional and innovative methods, combining knowledge and experience as tools to save time and cost. Thus providing a timely and comfortable solution to clients.

    In case of roof top pools, damages can take a toll with ceiling, furniture, electrical and paint. With proven records of repaired pool leaks, Pool Masters have a history of combating and providing economical solutions in cases of difficult and complex structural problems in pools. Our team having proper knowledge in understanding the plumbing system helps us to evaluate and solve problems which lead to a functional pool in a short period of time.