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Swimming Pool Equipment In Dubai


We offer a wide range of pool equipment. We have a collection of top-quality imported equipment belonging to the best brands

Swimming Pool Pumps

Maintaining a pool and taking a dip in crystal clear water is not possible without a suitable pump. Pumps keep the pool water in circulation to discourage algae growth. They also feed water to the filtration system to keep the water free of debris, sand, and dust. While choosing a pump for the pool, several factors must be considered such as the shape and size of the pool, water capacity, location (indoor/ outdoor). Inadequate pump power or poor choice can trigger frequent malfunction.

Pool Filters

Sand filters keep the pool clean of debris & sand. We recommend using sand filters because they require low-maintenance but are effective.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

By far, they are the best pool cleaners. They perform various tasks. Just drop one in the pool and it will scrub the walls, clear debris and brush the floors. Simply retrieve after use and store for the next use.

These are the most energy-efficient devices and operate at low voltages. Automatic Dosing System

These devices are designed to regulate and maintain pool chemistry automatically. Chlorine and pH levels should be monitored continuously. If pool chemistry deviates from standard parameters, the system is activated until the normal balance is restored. Pool Lights

We offer different brands of lighting and swimming pool equipment in Dubai. A complete range of pool lights is available for decorative and functional purposes. We provide LED light in different colors and shades.

Variable Speed pump controller

Converts single speed pump to variable speed pump and makes it more energy-efficient, less noisy. Our team can help you to get the best swimming pool equipment in Dubai.

Air Blower

Used in spas and hot tubs, air blowers are used to inject water bubbles into the water.

Ionizer & UV systems

Some people are allergic to chlorine. Ionizers are useful to make these pools chlorine-free. Chlorine dosing could be reduced well below 70% with the use of ionizers. UV systems are used for improving the water quality.

To learn more about the complete range of swimming pool equipment in Dubai available with us, kindly contact our sales staff or request a catalog. Pool Masters will be happy to help.