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Outdoor Swimming Pool Cleaning Dubai


To maintain a clean and fresh swimming pool regular maintenance is very important. If we follow some simple routine steps, we could easily maintain a nice pool. 3 C's of the pool care must be remembered i.e. Circulation, Cleaning, and Chemistry.

Pool water Circulation

Cleaning your skimmers and pump basket for better water circulation The falling leaves and floating debris can be easily cleaned from the Skimmer basket, thus making the filtration easy and pool surface clean all the time. The basket which is fixed in your pump should also be cleaned out because these skimmer baskets are the first line of defence.

The sand filter maintenance is important because you know that what it means to your pool, but here you need not to worry as we are one of the famous swimming pool contractors in UAE that are well versed to provide you swimming pool full attention and care. We are ready to train you on many DIY tasks so you may not require our presence every now and then for small fixations.

Pool Circulation System

Stagnant pool water inhibits the growth of microbes, and various species of algae. To keep water fresh the pool water needs to be circulated and filtered.

The pool circulation system comprises at least four basic components.

  • The Pump

  • Skimmer

  • Filter

  • Inlets

The pump sucks water through a skimmer and feeds it to the filter which cleans the water and removes all debris and dust particles. After the filtration same water is injected back into the pool through Inlets. Depending on the size and usage of pools, circulation systems need to be activated from 8- 12 hours daily. Filter needs to be cleaned when pump gauge reading is about 10 lbs higher than normal levels and goes in the red zone. Cleaning pump and skimmer baskets regularly increase the life of pumps and vice versa. If pump buckets are clogged it puts an extra burden on pumps. This could damage the connected equipment and the pump may break down. Inlets should be angled towards the skimmers to ensure circulation is optimal.

Pool Cleaning

It is a good habit to clean the pool manually at least twice a week. Manual cleaning routines may include three activities.

  • Skimming

  • Vacuuming

  • Brushing


Weekly twice as a minimum cleaning and skimming of the pool will play a great role in maintaining and keeping the pool water clean, safe and healthy.

Scrubbing the steps and walls of the pool reduces scaling and staining due to algae growth. It also prevents algae growth. The large debris floating over the pool should be skimmed regularly. The debris is unattractive and unpleasant for swimmers. Once the debris settles down to the bottom it can stain floor tiles and grouting. Like skimming, vacuuming is also carried out to remove debris, dust particles and sand from the pool floor which is an integral part of the pool cleaning process.

Pool Chemistry

To stop the harmful bacteria’s and organisms flourishing in the pool water, several chemicals are available for pool water treatment. The aim is to maintain the quality parameters of clean water. Following properties of water are regulated by the use of different chemicals.


The balance of pH and Alkalinity is important because it keeps your all the motors and tools working well. But we suggest you to feel free consultation along with our professional services because we are known for the competitive offers in swimming pools among swimming pool contractors in UAE.

Parameters Dubai Municipality Range
Chlorine 1- 2 ppm
pH 7.4 – 7.6
Cyanuric Acid 20 – 60 ppm
TDS 100 – 1500 ppm
Calcium Hardness 100 – 500 ppm
Total Alkalinity 70 – 100 ppm

Maintaining pH levels of pool water around 7.5 can prevent corrosion and algae growth. Calcium hardness levels between 100 to 500 are ideal. Below normal calcium hardness can damage plaster and vinyl finish while higher levels could leave calcium deposits on pool walls. Chlorine is used as a sanitizer for pool water and should be maintained between 1 ppm to 2 ppm. High Phosphate levels also encourage algae growth.

The water of a swimming pool appears to be transparent and clear, but this is not a guarantee of healthy or safe water to swim within the swimming pool. There could be contaminants that are so small and invisible to naked eyes. The use of sanitizer or chlorine The use of sanitizer and chlorine can make your pool clean and keep it away from all the possibilities that may turn it into a swamp. The attributes like pH value, calcium hardness are needed to be balanced correctly in the water.

There are some of the attributes of swimming pool water discussed below

  • pH Level

    pH levels tell the acidity levels of the water lower pH level means that the water is acidic, and this can cause etching on the side of pools. It can also destroy the metal fixtures of your swimming pool by corrosion. If you believe higher pH levels to be harmless to your pool installations and fittings. We advise rectifying pH levels of pool water immediately, or it will cause damage to the plumbing and fittings.

  • What is the standard pH Level required for the swimming pool water?

    If the pH value of your swimming pool water is maintained within the normal range as per Dubai Municipality recommendations (see table above) between 7.4 to 7.6, then there would not be any other problem of extreme acidity.

  • Alkalinity

    The pool water standard level is between 70 to 100 parts per million. There are chemicals that balance the high and low alkalinity.

  • Calcium hardness

    The Calcium hardness of the water should be regulated within the range of 100 to 500 PPM. The swimming pools water quality testing kits are easy to use can be checked at the home but if you feel like there is more problem then you can contact the professionals like Pool Master especially when your pool water turns into cloudy and green color.