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Intex Swimming Pool Dubai

Intex Swimming Pool Dubai

One of the most leading and renowned brands with a global popularity is Intex. It is a manufacturer of top-quality recreational products. Such pools are suitable for users who have limited space or, they do not prefer an in-ground pool. These pools are available in a variety of materials, shapes, and dimensions. The most common materials used for pool lining are Plastic/ PVC, PVC, Plastic/ Vinyl, Rubber, etc.

We deal in all kinds of above-ground pools in a wide range of sizes and attractive colors and patterns.

Easy Set Pools

These pools are laid above ground without any supporting frames. They are entirely made of plastic and are easy to set, just choose any plane level surface and fill with water. These pools are round-shaped and come in varying diameters. They are the most affordable choice if you are shopping on a tight budget. Pool Masters are familiar with the customer’s requirements and preferences. We are the leading Intex swimming pool Dubai supplier.

Metal Frame Pools

These pools are designed to hold larger volumes of water and are available in varying sizes. Metal frames provide extra support to the pool lining, and they do not tend to sag like the pools without frames. However, metal frame pools are a bit costlier than easy- set pools.

Prism Frame Pools

These pools are an improved version of a metal frame pool with sturdier frame pillars and innovative T- joints that fasten all tubes. Assembly of the frame requires no special tools, and it has a more robust structure.

Ultra XTR Frame Pools

These pools symbolize the ultimate quality of Intex craftsmanship. With improved alloy and designed for longevity, these pools come in rectangular, round, and oval shapes. Due to thicker lining, leaking chances are nearly eliminated. Like other models, they come with all aerating, circulating, and filtration equipment. An in-ground variant of this pool is also available.

We deal in all kinds of high-quality equipment and accessories compatible with Intex products. We also provide excellent service and maintenance for Intex products. Our support staff is available round the clock for your assistance. If you are looking for an Intex swimming pool Dubai service, look no further than us.