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Swimming Pool water maintenance made simple

For best chemical effectiveness and bather comfort, balance your pool water. Oxidize to build a sanitizer level, then eliminate waste compounds on a weekly basis. Algae prevention helps to keep algae from growing in your pool. To prevent and destroy germs, sanitise and maintain a steady sanitizer level.

Filtration and Circulation

Assuming your pools is now filled with water and you're ready to start prepping it for usage, the circulation system is the first item to think about.

Particles suspended in the water are collected and kept inside the filter media as the water runs through it - this particle removal is critical and is how your water purity is attained and maintained. Because the freshwater is only purified when it is circulated, we recommend running the pump for at least 8 hours per day during the swimming season, and for optimal results, 24 hours per day.

For swimming pools, there are three types of filters: cartridge, sand, and diatomaceous earth (D.E. ), however D.E. is no longer widely employed. Smaller above-ground pools often use cartridge filters, however this is not always the case, whereas in-ground pools typically have sand filters.

Cartridge Filters

A cartridge element is found inside the cartridges filter through which the pool water passes. Particles and dirt are removed and gathered inside the bends of the cartridge when the water travels past the element. As the gathered debris accumulates, the water flow through the element decreases to the point where it is necessary to clean it.

Turn off the pump, remove the element from its housing, hose well with a garden hose (do not use a pressure washer as this will harm the element), and soak in a mixture of Blue Horizons Filter Cleaner, AquaSPArkle Cartridge Cleaner, or AquaSPArkle Immerse overnight. Order swimming pool equipment in Dubai

Sand Filters

The benefit of sand filters is that you don't have to remove and clean cartridge parts, making filtration system maintenance simpler and easier. The filter tank replaces the cartridge portion with precisely graded silica sand, which traps and retains particles as the water runs through it, resulting in pure water. You'll see this on the pressure sensor, which is normally on the multiport selection valves or even the bottom of the filter tank, as the flow of water through the filters slows and the pressure within the tank rises as more particles are trapped.

Backwashing the filter is told to extract the particles caught in the sand, which should be done once a week or more often if the pressure sensor shows the necessity.