Plants you should pick if you are planning to build a natural pool in your house!

It shouldn't be surprising that many Emiratis are interested in putting pools in their yards because there's nothing quite like the exhilaration of jumping into cool, invigorating water on a hot summer day in Dubai. However, there is growing interest in alternative solutions to the standard chlorine swimming pool as more Emiratis become more environmentally and health conscious. Natural swimming pools are lovely additions to any household. You can hire the best pool companies in Dubai to create a natural pool you have always envisioned. Since there are no chemicals to add, they are considerably less expensive to maintain than regular pools.

Imagine having access to just sweet, fresh, crystal-clear water without any harsh chemicals or chlorine eye burn! A natural swimming pool makes it possible. Once this self-cleaning ecosystem with beneficial bacteria and plants has been created, it will serve as your biological filter. Planting with a variety of aquatic filtration plants is the secret to building a successful natural pond or pool. What should you plant? Following are some ideas in this regard!

Aquatic lilies

Water lilies are essential to maintaining the temperature of natural pools' water. Water lilies tower over the pool because of their length, producing shadows and preventing the sun from directly shining on the water. Inadvertently, this aids in reducing the amount of algae in the pool.

Water hyacinth

Water hyacinths, one of nature's purifiers, are used to purify water. The plant may trap solid particles to keep them from floating in the water and is known to absorb any contaminants that are present in the water. This will make it less likely that dirt and debris from nearby trees would clog up your natural swimming pool.


Azaleas are best grown around the natural swimming pool and serve as ornamental plants. You can keep your pool looking beautiful all year long because they require little maintenance and are evergreen. It is important to keep in mind, though, that azaleas dislike excessive moisture, so you should put them as far back as is necessary.


A maple tree can typically thrive regardless of how much water is present in the soil. Since maples are known to deter insects, this will aid in keeping pests out of your natural swimming pool. The maple tree's fruit can also be gathered for further advantages. To lessen the likelihood of shedding into the pool, you should position the maple far from the water.

Aquatic iris

As long as you don't put the aquatic iris inside the pool, you'll adore it. Aquatic iris will contribute to the aesthetics of your natural swimming pool's surroundings. They are also known to enhance the sustainability of the soil where they are planted. This will help to keep your natural pool intact and avoid soil erosion in the surrounding walls.

Consider different purposes that each sort of aquatic plant performs when putting a natural swimming pool. The right number of each plant must be used to design a sustainable regeneration zone. Let the professional aquatic engineers and landscapers from Pool Masters, one of the best landscaping companies in Dubai, create the ideal regeneration zone for you in your home.