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Important information and tips regarding design, construction and maintenance of a swimming pool

Designing and constructing a swimming pool of amazing quality is not a child’s play. Every pool user has a different set of priorities and preferences. The conscious and smart customers discuss everything in detail with the swimming pool contractors in UAE. Constructing a mesmerizing swimming pool requires sincere and serious efforts. The prestigious contractors like Pool Masters do everything to surpass the expectation of the customers. If you are looking forward to installing a swimming pool, just approach the esteemed names to discuss the details. When the best construction raw material, the latest techniques and genuine efforts are applied, your pool can stand the test of time.

The best tips and tricks to sanitize the pool

Some people believe that cleaning the pool, maintaining hygiene is very easy. No, it takes time, effort and thorough knowledge to clean the pool. You can also consult the experts of prestigious swimming pool maintenance Dubai. It is the responsibility of the users to clean the pool on a periodic interval and involve professional experts if necessary. Special attention should be taken if pebbles and tiles are part of your pool design. Keep the surrounding surface sparkling clean.

  • Devote time and remove the debris around your pool. Treat the water chemically and hire professional experts to save time. Involving experts saves efforts. Depending on the overall use of the pool, you must pay necessary attention towards maintenance
  • Check the pH levels of your pool. Make use of liquid or powdered chlorine. Do not use very harsh chemicals while cleaning the pools. Clean the edges of the pool. Sometimes, this section remains neglected. Contact the noted swimming pool suppliers in Dubai to get the best products.
  • Clean the filter of the pool in a thorough manner. Take special care in the extreme weather. Dust storms and heavy winds bring flying debris with them. Clean the leaves, flowers and other lightweight garbage that comes with the wind.
  • Check the drainage system very frequently. If something is obstructing the passage, remove it. Investment in technology also brings effective results. You can also try a robotic vacuum cleaner.
  • The condition of the water can be analyzed through the color of the water. If the swimming pool is turning green, consider using the algaecide. Take action before things turn serious. Check the condition of the water before taking a dip. Debris and algae should be removed from the pool water on a priority basis.
  • Ask your family members to take care of personal hygiene. If someone is suffering from any infectious disease, don’t allow them to take a dip. Take special attention when babies are present in the water. Brush the edges of the pool. If pests and insects are visible, do the necessary pest control. Monitor the condition of your pool and try to find out if there is any leak. Not just the edges, tiles but the steps of the pool should be thoroughly cleaned.