Have a Pool party in Summer

If you have a pool in your house, it means you have a perfect remedy to beat the heat in the summers. The summer season in UAE is long and tiring due to excessive heat. However, no one should make the season an excuse to stay indoors all the time. You can perfectly counter the heat and boredom by arranging a fun-filled pool party these summers to make your vacations more exciting. As per swimming pool construction companies in Dubai, summer is the season when they receive most calls from their customers either for installation, repair, or renovation. Most people use the pool as a tool to arrange lavish dinners, arrange parties, or simply enjoy an evening splash themselves. However, if you are planning to arrange a pool party, you can make it more fun with just a little effort.

Refresh water

First and foremost, make sure your pool is cleaned properly and in freshwater. No one wants to swim in a pool that has unclean water or dirt debris floating in it. You can ask the pool contractors in Dubai to check the water level, and filters, and refresh the water before the party.

Arrange Furniture

To arrange a pool party, you have to set a seating place beside the pool to rest and enjoy. Bring out the patio furniture and comfy chairs and place them around the pool to make a proper seating place. What’s more, you can also place towels and robes in case any of your guests need to use an extra pair.

Get Floaters

Not all of your friends and family are trained to swim. But to make sure that all of them get equal opportunity to swim in the cool water, get floaters and other accessories to help beginners enjoy their day in the water.

Arrange music

You can set the entire ambiance with the right kind of music for the pool party. If the party is designed to be with kids and friends, you can opt for happening and loud music which brings more energy to the party. However, if you are looking forward to an enchanting evening with a few close friends or loved ones, you can opt for slow music to make the night more memorable.


Pool parties are incomplete without drinks. Whether you have arranged a chef or taken the responsibility yourself, tropical drinks such as lemonades, margaritas, and Coladas, are a must to bring more chill to the hot day. If you are interested in getting a swimming pool in your house and looking for reliable swimming pool contractors in uae, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Pool Masters.