All you need to know about maintaining a natural pool

We're all aware of the fundamental tenets of pool regular maintenance. Daily skimming, regular brushing, and vacuuming. A struggle to maintain a healthy level of chlorine. Your pool needs chlorine, whether you use a saltwater generator, an automatic chlorinator, or simply plain old liquid chlorine. Colored hair? Itchy eyes? That odor of a "clean pool"? There's a cost indeed but it's the standard procedure of regular pool maintenance.

Imagine being able to maintain a pool without using any added chemicals whatsoever. Sounds so captivating, doesn't it? What if you could take a bath in water in the scorching heat of Dubai that water was so pure it could be drunk? That is exactly what natural swimming pools promise. What are these peculiar pools, though, and how do they operate? The good news is you can hire the best pool contractors Dubai to build one in your home and have unlimited fun with minimal maintenance stresses.

They don't need chlorine, chemical filtration, pH balancing, or any of the other additional expenses and daily and weekly processes that come with maintaining a conventional pool. Although they should still be kept clean and free of debris, that is essentially the only maintenance required for your pool.

Since they are truly teeming with life, natural ponds are occasionally referred to as "alive." In addition to plants, the water is packed with zooplankton, microscopic creatures that are helpful bacteria. All of these aid in water filtration and the prevention of algae growth.

For algae to grow, nutrients are required. These nutrients are depleted in natural pools by bacteria, plants, and zooplankton, leaving little for algae to eat. Furthermore, the zooplankton destroys disease-causing algal cells, aiding in their management.

The lush greenery surrounding natural pools contributes to keeping the water clean and natural. A natural swimming pool uses aquatic plants and flora to filter out waste in the same way as a filtration system does, just like a standard swimming pool does.

An experience Without Chlorine. Not to mention, regular chlorinated pools might ruin your hair and leave you with a strong chemical odor for days. You can forgo using chemicals like chlorine if you have a natural pool.

Although pruning plants is not a necessary part of natural pool upkeep, it will improve the aesthetics indeed. We do advise using a handheld pond vacuum or an automatic robot cleaner to help with such tasks.

Effectiveness is enhanced when there is a healthy balance of surface and underwater plant life. Local home and garden stores can assist with native plant identification. Natural swimming pools, when managed properly, have crystal-clear water and don't need chemicals to keep them clean because they are self-cleaning miniature ecosystems.

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